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Skippi Ice Pops: Journey From Street Side To Multi-Million

    Turning around the street side chuski into a multi-Million business is not an easy task. But the couple of Hyderabad Ravi and Anuja Kabra achieved this milestone with Skippi Ice Pops. Further, these ice pops have held a special place. A craving to resuscitate the love for chuskis in a natural way sparked the formation of India’s first ice pop brand. However, it all started when family members packed the ice pop for their vacation. After that, they thought about how difficult it would be to find a hygienic and trustworthy brand of ice pop. Evidently, the brand is known for its diverse range of topical favours and desi pops. Join us with this article to trace the captivating journey along with notable appearances on the famous TV show Shark Tank. Therefore, stick nearby with this article! let’s begin this story ahead.

    Skippi Ice Pops founders, idea and initial brawl

    This nostalgia-giving business was started in 2020 by the husband and wife. The names of the founders are Ravi and Anuja Kabra. Indeed, they have 17 years of experience in the world of food and beverages. Essentially, it helps them to recognise the gap in the ice pop market. Therefore, they launched their start-up in the market. But, Covid-19 welcomed them which led to heavy losses in the beginning. Despite these losses, they got recognition in 2021 when they were featured in the TV show named shark tank India. After that, they got the funding of rupees 1 crore. Indeed, they become the first brand in the history of Shark Tank India to get funding from all sharks. Since then, they have launched multiple flavours of chuskis.

    Certainly, it revives the love for chuskis among people. Plus, to make it convenient they introduced the Skippi freezer bike to bring chuskis directly from the outlets to the customer’s home. At this time, this chuski brand is available at more than 1500 outlets in their city Hyderabad. Moreover, available at more than 8000 outlets in the country, apart from Flipkart and Amazon.

    Skippi Ice Pops Shark Tank: The Journey

    The brand has started its journey by keeping in mind that it offers refreshing and unique frozen delights to make people’s day brighter. With initial struggles and losses, they got recognition when they appeared in the famous TV show Shark Tank India. Evidently, the founders pitch their unique ideas in front of the judges. Further, they showcased their diverse collection of tropical ice pops. These are cola, orange mango, lemon, iconic bubblegum, and Raspberry. After that, the judges are promptly captivated by their product’s flavour along with the nostalgic charm of cola ice pop. However, this specific favour held special in the hearts of Indian people. The founders passionately shared their commitment to using natural ingredients and no use of harmful chemicals. Certainly, the commitment paid off when they secured a deal with well-known investors. It helps them to grow their business across the nation.

    Achievement as a Start-Up: Skippi Ice Pops

    The Hyderabad-based start-up successfully transformed itself from a side street chuski to a well-known multi-million business. Founded just before COVID-19, has rapidly gained immense popularity along with numerous achievements. One of the prominent achievements of the brand was when it appeared on Shark Tank India. There they got the investment from all five sharks, amounting to a grand total of ₹1 crore for 15% equity. Plus, the company received an additional amount of investment of ₹0.2 crore from Lenskart founder Peyush Bansal. However, this recognition helps the business with 40% sales growth. Along with monthly income reaching to ₹2 crores. Also, the sales go up to 20000 online orders. We can say that this brand has achieved recognition in a very short time because of its innovative approach.

    USP of Skippi Ice Pops

    Unlike other brands, it focuses on health and natural ingredients. Indeed, it makes this platform unique and different from others. As the company claims, they use the flavour which is extracted from natural fruits and vegetables. Further, the founder of the brand said that they deliver trustworthy products and sell what they offer to their children.

    Sales and Development

    The brand achieved its sales widely through prevalent marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart. Along with several retail outlets across the country. Not only in India, it also ventured into international markets for example Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and many more countries. Indeed, the success story of the brand shows the power of finding market gaps. Truly, it has become a beloved brand in India.

    Skippi All Desi Flavour Ice Pops Box

    People can experience unique flavours of India with skippi all Desi flavour ice pop box.  Moreover, created with a natural ingredient. Further, this box contains 12 ice pops, 2 each of 6 amazing flavours. These flavours are Kala Khatta, Rose, Jaljeera, Imli, Chilli Guava, and Aam Panna. People can enjoy the essence of Indian natural flavours with these delicious frozen treats. To take your enjoyment to another level, put them in the freezer and promptly treat yourself along with your family to the vibrant flavours of India.

    How Skippi Ice Pops uses the term nostalgia to connect with the audience

    The founders of the company completely understand the term nostalgia. That’s why they come up with the idea of chuskis. Though, chuskis are loved by all age groups. Furthermore, they not only provide the ice pops to their kids but also to the parents through their flavours. People also look for brands that provide hygienic products. For this reason, the company launched hygienic ice pops with multiple flavours. Plus, the flavours feature classics like cherry, grape, orange, and many others. However, it gives the consumer to remember their childhood. After that, the logo, packaging and design are also made to provide consumers connection with childhood memories. Moreover, the social media page of the platform also creates a sense of nostalgia among consumers through video games and cartoon characters.

    Skippi ice pops revenue

    The brand is looking to bang a revenue of ₹100 crore in next financial year, said by Ravi Kabra. After the appearance in the show the growth sale of the company had seen 100 times growth. In the last fiscal year, the company clocked the revenue of ₹30 crores. In this year, they are expecting to cross 70 crores. Currently, most of the revenue generates from the outlets and kirana shops, 70-80%. Remaining revenue comes from international markets, e commerce marketplace, and social commerce.

    Skippi Ice Pops
    Skippi Ice Pops

    Final words

    As summer approaches, there’s no doubt that Skippi Ice Pops will be the best solution to cool down yourself on hot summer days. Evidently, the brand claims that they provide natural ingredients along with high-quality standards. By recognising the gap in the market skipping has emerged themselves as people’s favourite brand. Further, there are several flavours offered by the brand, and consumers can easily find them online and nearby outlets. This brings us to the end of this article, if you discover this article informational by reading this far then let us know with your comments. Toddles!



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