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Why Startup India?

The goal of Startup India is to make India prosperous. Many entrepreneurial persons who want to establish their own business don’t have the financial means to do so. As a result, their ideas, creativity, and potential go unexplored, resulting in a loss of money, economic progress, and jobs for the country.

With proactive assistance and incentives at several levels, Startup India will help stimulate entrepreneurship and economic growth by ensuring that those with the capacity to innovate and start their own firm are encouraged.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it like way:

Startup India is a ground-breaking initiative that aims to assist anyone who want to establish their own business. Because these people have ideas and the capacity to implement them, the government will provide them with assistance so that they can flourish and implement their plans. The success of this initiative would eventually result in India being a stronger economy and nation. 1

Startup India’s 19-Point Action Plan:

  • Compliance with self-certification
  • Startup India Hub provides a single point of contact.
  • Using a mobile app and a portal to streamline processes
  • (for registration, compliance filing, and information gathering)
  • Legal assistance, expedited processing, and a fee savings of 80% on patent registration
  • Public Procurement Norms Have Been Relaxed
  • Exiting is much easier and faster.
  • Support for funding from a Fund of Funds with a corpus of INR 10,000 crore
  • Funding with a Credit Guarantee
  • Capital Gains Tax Exemption
  • Exemption from income taxes for three years
  • Investments that are worth more than their fair market value are exempt from paying taxes (FMV)
  • Startup Festivals are held every year (national & international)
  • Under the Atal Innovation Mission, world-class innovation hubs will be established (AIM)
  • Establishment of a national incubator network
  • Incubation and R&D will be aided through Innovation Centers.
  • Innovation will be aided by research parks.
  • Encourage biotechnology entrepreneurship.
  • Students’ Programs that Focus on Innovation
  • The Grand Challenge of the Incubator is held every year.