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Sheikha Mahra: Princess of Dubai

    sheikhaEveryone is aware about the wealth of Dubai and the wealthy peoples of Dubai. Sheikh has a great respect and value in Dubai. Their kids get everything in hierarchy. So the discussion will be on somebody who relates to Dubai and also a wealthy person. She is none other than Sheikha Mahra. She opened her eyes on 26th February 1994. Sheikha was born to a very rich family. Her full name is Sheikha Mahra Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. There are a lot to know about her and her family. We researched about her deeply so that we can share will that with you in a proper manner. So we accumulated that information in an article and we are here to deliver that article with you. Let’s start the article now.

    Physical Stats: Sheikha Mahra

    The vital part in a personality and one of the biggest reason of attraction among the people. So let’s look into the details of her physical features. She weighs around 70 kg. Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches. Sheikha’s hair colour is brown. Her eyes are also brown and attractive as well. Now moving towards her body measurements. Her bra size is 36 inches. She has a waist of 26 inches. Last but not least her hip size 38 inches. These are some information we got after the research about her physical stats.

    Family and Relation: Sheikha Mahra

    Family is one of the most important part of family. There is nothing which can have more value than a family. Now we are moving ahead in this article with the details of her family and relations. Sheikha Mahra is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Her father is the Vice president and the Prime Minister of Dubai. She is a princess of dubai. If we talk about her mother, then her name is Houria Ahmed Lamara. Before marrying to the father of Sheikha’s father her mother was the citizen of Algeria. She has two brothers named Sheikh Rashid. The name of the other brother is Sheikh Hamdan. She is the wife of Sheikh Mana. His husband is the son of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. So this is the information about her family.

    Education: Sheikha Mahra

    Sheikha Mahra completed her schooling in a private school of Dubai. After that she pursued her higher education from London. The name of her universities from where she got her higher education are Zayed University and American University. Education is a must to do thing in everybody’s life. She completed this [art of her life very dedicatedly. This shows that she is a well educated woman.

    Professional Career

    Now let’s talk about her professional career which made her rich. Though she was already born to a rich family but then she worked well to establish her own empire. So let’s talk about that. She is a great business woman of Dubai. She is a well known personality on Dubai. Sheikha also spreads awareness through her social media. She is also a social media influencer.  Sheikha also does philanthropic and humanitarian work. She is also known for her fashion style. Whether it is ethnic or weastern clothing style she kills it on both and carry it in a very attractive way. She also got awards for fashion style. Her dressing styles also got featured in the various fashion magazines. Many of the people follow her for her dressing sense.

    She is a woman who is attached to the culture of her country and she keeps on doing things which spread about the culture of her country to more and more people. Sheikha also does charity on a regular basis. Even after researching too much we found that there is nothing much revealed about her business that what she does. She is a rich and a successful woman. Her lifestyle can greed anybody to have such lifestyle. This is all we got about her career and her professionalism.

    Social Media

    She is a well known personality in Dubai and in many region of the world. Moreover, she is a great social media influencer. So if you want to connect with her and want to get her latest updates directly from her then you can follow her on the social media.

    Twitter –

    Instagram –

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    Tik Tok –

    Net Worth

    As we have mentioned that she is a great business woman and also a social media influencer. She is very active person on social media. So she earns very well through all these things. According to the recent reports she has a total net worth of $300 million.

    Sheikha Mahra
    Sheikha Mahra


    Lastly, we want to say that she is a great woman according to her education and her culture. She is a great human being as she do the charity for the needy ones. Sheikha earns a great amount of income through her work and keep an eye on her work to grow it more and more. She is a great example of women empowerment.


    • She is well known for her fashion and dressing style.
    • Sheikha Mahra fashion features in the magazines related to the fashion
    • Her love towards her culture is very high
    • She loves her religion Islam
    • Their parents got divorced
    • She also has nine half siblings
    • Sheikha is an animal lover
    • She is a great social media influencer





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