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RRMBU: Best University of Rajasthan

    This article’s main concern is to inform the readers about RRMBU. RRMBU stands for Raj Rishi Bhartrihari Matsya University. It was founded in the year 2012. Students can apply for various courses in this University. This university provides the courses for every field whether it is Science, Commerce, or Arts. Admission of this university totally depends on merit. In beginning the name of this University was Matsya University. It is located in Alwar, Rajasthan. This university is a well reputed university that there are more than 100 who takes affiliation from this university. It is approved by UGC with NAAC grade B accreditation. Students will get the best accommodation for the stay. Facilities like hostels, canteen, and WIFI is available for the students of this university. A lot to know more about this university. One single paragraph can not describe all the information about this University.

    Course and Eligibility Criteria: RRMBU

    • Bachelor in Commerce: The students must have scored 45 percent in the 12th class. This is the minimum percentage a student needs to score. After that it totally depends on merit.
    • Bachelor in Business Administration: The criteria will be the same as it also needs 45 percent in 12th class and rest it all depends on merit.
    • Bachelor in Arts: For this course also the student needs 45 percent in 12th class and rest is again on the merit.
    • Master in Arts: The students’ needs to score at least 45 percent in their graduation. The college should be legit and recognised
    • Masters in Science: Minimum percentage should be 45 percent in the graduation from a recognised college.
    • Master in Commerce: The criteria is same for this course as well. Minimum percentage in the graduation should be 45 and the rest the merit will see.

    These were some of the courses of Bachelor Degree and Master Degree. So it shows that 45 percent is needed in the graduation and in the 12th class. Rest it all depends on the merit. Whatever the cut off list will be the students will get the admission accordingly.

    Accommodation Facility: RRMBU

    Now students come from other states and for them living outside is a bit hectic. So for all of them the university provides the hostel service. The service is very good. They provide the best hostel service. Even the parents can send their kids to this university hostel to stay without any tension. The security is very good. Moreover, the hostels are not together for boys and girls. Boys hostel and girls hostel are separate. Around 950 students can stay in the hostel of this University. Attached bathrooms are also there in the room.

    Cafeteria: RRMBU

    Students can have their meal and eat it in the big cafeteria. Students will grab their daily meal of every time from the cafeteria and they can sit there and eat something else as well. So it is a bog place with good food quality.

    Library: RRMBU

    Students can easily get or allot any of the book which they want form the library. Moreover, they also walk with the technology as well. This university has their digital library. From the digital library students can study from any of the book at any time at any place. The collection of their library is very vast whether the library is online or offline. The digital library makes the work very easy for the students as they do not have to wait for the next day when library will open. If they need any book at the time when the library is closed, then it will there with them through the digital library.


    Everything has shifted to digitalization. So there are a lot of things which students completes online. Like some of the exams and even the library which is available in the digital version. So all this needs the internet. For that also the students do not need to take any tension. The WIFI service is provided by the hostel itself. The speed and the stability of the internet is up to date with the fastest and the updated speed and technology

    Sports: RRMBU

    Thus university also promotes the curricular activities. So for that they also have the various kind of sports available in their campus. After a particular interval of time they also conduct the sports competition. This keeps the mind and the body fresh.

    Procedure of Admission: RRMBU

    • The procedure is very simple and easy. Steps for the admission are given below:
    • Initially the students need to open the browse and then they need to enter the in the search bar
    • Once they will search it the students will be redirected to the official website of the university
    • Then there they will the examination tab under which they will see another option of admission
    • Under that option they will see the link for the admission for all the courses
    • Once the student will click on that link they will be redirected to the another page where they will be asked to fill the required information
    • After submitting all the required documents, they will be asked to pay Rs.100. Students can pay that fee through the digital platforms or the online banking
    • Once the fee and the document will be submitted after that they just need to wait for the list which the university will release within some days. In that list the student can see their name whether they have shortlisted or not.


    Lastly, we want to say that this college is one of the best choice for the pursuing the higher graduation. Through this article you can make an opinion and can come to a conclusion whether to add this university in your list or not. For further information, you can visit their official website.

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