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Rameshwaram cafe menu: A Bengaluru Based Café

    Do you reside in Bengaluru? Or if you’ve been in the Bangalore for past few years, in reality, you’ve definitely heard of Rameshwaram café. Have you visited this restaurant once in your life? well, if you want to visit to this café then, we have something to share with you. No doubt, food is a significant part of our life to survive. Therefore, everyone is looking for delicious and mouth-watering food to amuse the tongue. If you are a resident or went on a trip to Bengaluru, struggling to find the best cafe along with great taste, then Rameshwaram Cafe could be an ideal destination. In this blog, we are going to talk about the Rameshwaram cafe menu in detail. Hence, stay connected with this article! Let’s go aboard on the journey of this Bengaluru-based café. Roll yourself into it and continue reading.

    Introduction to Rameshwaram Cafe

    The Rameshwaram Cafe is a first-class South Indian chain of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) modules. Further, it is a trademark registered under the mother company M/s. Altran Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Furthermore, they ensure that all the cuisines are organized on the go. Along with serving the hot and fresh food using the best and fresh top-notch quality ingredients. Evidently, the aim is to deliver a genuine recipe with the uppermost hygiene principles.

    What makes this restaurant so famous? Well, the founder of the café said that they maintain consistency across all chains. After that, they maintained strict regulations on food quality along with the selection of materials. In fact, the usage of baking soda in foods is strict. they use only pure ghee rather than use of oil. On top of that, no use of artificial colour or any flavour in any of the recipes. However, that helps in maintaining consistency and high quality in every menu item.

    Founders: Rameshwaram cafe menu

    Mr.Raghavendra Rao

    He is the CEO and co-founder of Rameshwaram café. Moreover, he has a graduate degree in mechanical engineering. Further, he had 20 years of experience in the food industry before he started this café. After that, he was also the founder and promoter of IDC kitchen heads operation at the Rameshwaram café.

    Mrs.Divya Raghavendra Rao

    She is the co-founder and managing director of this restaurant. Indeed, she is a qualified chartered accountant. Plus, she graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in finance and management. Additionally, she is a part of the management and managing committee member of the Bangalore branch of the South Indian Regional Council of ICAI. What’s more, she has an expertise of more than 12 years in the field of the food industry. Along with that, she heads the management and finance department at the Rameshwaram café.

    They both started this café with the aim of delivering original and unfiltered South Indian flavours worldwide. Over the years, they both received many awards and honours for their flawless input in their respective field.

    Ethics and goals: Rameshwaram cafe menu

    They have well-skilled and experienced qualified professionals from numerous areas heading several departments. No doubt, eaters get unwavering services at this café. The team has evolved according to time and offered a seamless environment. After that, duties and roles are beautifully assigned and distributed. For their professional, provide medical insurance, space and many other employee benefits.

    They have the goal of providing varied cultures, religions, and traditions. Along with that, they want to serve food all across India. With traditional food and heritage, want to remind you about the roots and emotions that lie in the heart.

    Working hours

    Tuesday             Open 24 hours

    Wednesday      Open 24 hours

    Thursday           Open 24 hours

    Friday               Open 24 hours

    Saturday            Open 24 hours

    Sunday              Open 24 hours

    Monday             Open 24 hours

    Rameshwaram cafe menu

    • Ghee Plain Dosa
    • Ghee Pudi Masala Dosa
    • Ghee Pudi Plain Dosa
    • Garlic Roast Dosa
    • Open Butter Masala
    • Ghee Onion Dosa
    • Ghee/butter Idli
    • Lemon Idli
    • Ghee Sambar Button Idli
    • Ven Pongal
    • Skkarai Pongal
    • Kesari Bhath
    • Gulab jamun
    • Tomato Rice
    • Curd Rice


    It is inspired by the serene town of Rameshwaram Tamil Nadu, well known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional cuisines. As you step inside the café, the décor delivers elaborate handcraft artwork, vibrant colours, and old-styled themes. This theme transports guest to take pictures and allows them to boost up their Instagram. Without a doubt, this cafe has become a beloved destination for food with great décor and dining experience. If you are planning to visit Bengaluru, make sure to add this café to must visit list.

    Rameshwaram cafe menu
    Rameshwaram cafe menu

    Final say

    If you reside in Bengaluru or if you plan to travel to Bengaluru, then this restaurant can be the ideal place to end your food crunch. With the great taste and flavour of South India, amuse your tongue surely. Plus, this restaurant is open for 24 hours so no worry about timings. Visit the café and enjoy your culinary time. in brief, we have talked a lot in this article, if you have come to this extreme and find it informational then let us know with your comments. Toddles!

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