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OIA Bangalore Menu In Detail

    Do you reside in Bengaluru? Or are you looking for a restaurant with ambient interiors? Or are you the one who is constantly finding restaurants that provide you with Greek vibes under one roof? Do you want to make your loved ones special by taking out them for dinner?  Have you ever dreamt of wandering through the beautiful surroundings of Santorini and feeling the vibe of exquisite white structures? Possibly, a trip to Greece is not the only list for now. Well, no matter what the reasons are there is one restaurant that can end your searches; OIA Bangalore menu. Indeed, this restaurant helps you in fulfilling your immediate crunch. Without a doubt, this restaurant is the must-visit destination for all eaters who are looking for a stunning night out.

    In this article, we will discuss each and everything related to this restaurant from its menu to its atmosphere in detail. So what more do you need? Come along with us to get to know and reading this article till the end is a must to consider. Therefore, stay connected with us! let’s embark on this journey together, and continue reading.

    About OIA Bangalore menu

    As we began the process of conveying OIA, this Bengaluru-based restaurant is a hub for leading the way. Indeed, it breaks the record of the title Asia’s largest bar, across an inspiring 87000 square feet. Followed by Byg Brewski with its adjacent 65000 square feet. Further, inspired by Santorini, Greece. This restaurant is based and located on Hennur road in Bangalore with Greek-based architecture design along with gastronomical cuisine. Furthermore, owned by Lokesh Sukhija, the man behind F&B brands like Miso, Sexy, Daddy, Diablo, and Bougie. If you are the one who loves to visit pubs, then it can be the best place to enjoy your weekends with your loved ones. Additionally, the man behind this creative idea is Abhigyan Neogi. He wanted and portray the most striking parts of Greece to uncover the beauty of Santorini.

    For this reason, they made a noteworthy investment of around INR 40 crores. Plus, this restaurant has a sitting capacity of over 1800. When you enter this pub, you are surely in visual overload. Also might happen that where to focus because of size and alluring interior. It flourishes with a stunning white interior along with an emerald pool with a bridge, cabanas, classic, columns and decorous arches. After that, Picasso-style black line drawings embellish the walls. Overall, the décor of this multilevel structure is minimalistic and naïve, but inevitably well-designed.

    Opening hours

    Sunday              12PM-12:30AM

    Monday             12PM-12:30AM

    Tuesday             12PM-12:30AM

    Wednesday      12PM-12:30AM

    Thursday           12PM-12:30AM

    Friday                 12PM-12:30AM

    Saturday            12PM-12:30AM

    OIA Bangalore menu

    • Oia signature cocktails
    • Vodka
    • Rum
    • Gin
    • Beers
    • Domestic whisky
    • Double-age scotch whisky
    • Brandy
    • Wine
    • Domestic and imported red wine
    • Domestic and imported white wine
    • Sangria
    • Cocktail pitcher
    • Aperitifs
    • Liquors
    • Alcopops
    • Shooters
    • Irish, Bourbon & Tennessee

    How to reach OIA restaurant in Bangalore

    This restaurant named OIA is located on the Hennur Main Road, New Airport Road, Opposite Mantra Web City, Bangalore, Karnataka. Further, people can easily visit this restaurant by their car or public transport. Plus, there is a parking area also.

    Food offered by the OIA to amuse the taste buds

    In OIA, they provide mouth-watering global favours to amuse the taste buds. Further, the outstanding cocktails and luscious cuisine are all set to indulge the blend of tastes, textures and smells. Plus, comes along with an astonishing pair of delicate cocktails with appetizing dishes. Furthermore, the culinary proposes multiple cuisines with a familiar variety of dishes. But with an innovative touch. For instance, Creamy chicken Cornetto, Greek cheese samosas, blue pea sushi, Prawn tempura, Tofu cornets, charcoal-flavoured dimsums, Namma Bengaluru tacos, Andhra Bheja fry, ghee roast paneer, Edamame Tokri Chaat are all set to please the tongue.


    The ambience of this restaurant is alluring and stunning with a touch of modern décor. Notably, it was designed and created by artistic architect Abhigyan Neogi. Moreover, the interior is very spacious and has an abundance of seating options. An amazing Picasso-style black line drawing on the wall enables the feelings of the real world of art. Along with white wall buildings inspired by Santorini Greece. In the world of social media, showing off becomes significant. Therefore, click a picture of beautiful décor and post it on social media. Marvel yourself in the blue doomed lighthouse that will offer you the feeling of a Greek island but on a different land. So, whether you are here for a family dinner or a romantic dinner, everyone has everything.

    OIA Bangalore menu
    OIA Bangalore menu

    Final say!

    In brief, we have chatted a lot in this article about OIA Bangalore from its menu to its ambience. Without a doubt, this restaurant is a must-visit once in a while with your loved ones and friends. Further, the interiors are also amazing along with spacious size. Boast up your Instagram profile with a picture of this restaurant. Indeed, this brings us to the end of this article. Moreover, if you have come this far by reading this article to the point. Plus, find informational then let us know with your comments. Toddles!



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