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Nischay Malhan: A Great Sensation of You Tube

    You Tube gave a lot of celebrities to to the world. One of them is Nischay Malhan. It is not possible that you are still in confusionm that who is Nischay Malhan. Still for the clearance of everybody Nischay Malhan is none other than Triggered Insaaan. Trigerred Insaan is one of the well known you tuber of India. His whole family is a you tuber. Moreover, his brother is also a great and famous yout tuber. Nischay runs a gaming you tube channel. Nischay opened his eyes for the first time on 14th November 1995. The day was Tuesday when Nischay was born. Nisxhay was born in New Delhi, India. He gained a lot of fame and money through his you tube channel. Nishay play games and roast the people on his you tube channel. Lets travel his life through this article.

    Physical Attributes: Nischay Malhan

    Nischay Malhan is a celebrity. So looking into almost every detail of his life is necessary. We will began with the physical stats of Nischay.

    So starting with the height of Nischay. Nischay stands at a height of 6 feet and 1 inches tall. His height in meter is 1.85m and in centimeters it is 185 cm

    His eyes colour is black

    Nischay’s hair colour is also black

    He weighs around 70 kg. So that’s all about his physical stats. Nischay does not have any tattoo on his body.

    Academic Career: Nischay Malhan

    Nischay is a well educated guy. He always studied well and completed his education from the good stream and the colleges and schools. So Nischay completed his schooling from  the school Lancer’s Convent School, Delhi, India. After that Nischay pursued his higher education from the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology. This College is situated in Delhi, India. His highest education is Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science. That is all about his educational career. Lets move ahead with the further information in this article.

    Family and Relationship: Nischay Malhan

    Now our next concern is his family. Family is the vital part of everyone’s life. So let’s have a look on the family of Nischay Malhan.

    So let’s start with his father. Nischay is a proud son of Vinay Malhan. Vinay Malhan is a businessman by his profession

    Now moving toward his mom. So Nischay Malhan is also a proud son of Dimple Malhan. Dimple Malhan is also a You Tuber. She creates vlogs for her you tube channel

    It is the time to put some spotlight on the rest of the family member of Nischay. So now you all can guess that the rest of them are his siblings

    Nischay is the eldest son of his parents. Nischay has two siblings

    Starting with this brother so his brother name is Abhishek Mlahan. Abhishek is known as Fukraa Insaan. Abhishek is also a very well known you tuber. He was also appeared in the second season of the great reality show Bigg Boss season 2

    Nischay’s sister name is Prerna Malhan. Prerna is also a You Tuber. So as it  is mentioned above already that the whole Malhan family is a you tuber. So this section of the article is the proof of that.

    Professional Career: Nischay Malhan

    Nischay Malhan’s career is tremendous. He earned a good amount of income and fame from his you tube channel. Nischay plays games o0n the you tube channel. It does not mean that he plays some game in the platform of you tube. It just means that he plays the games and do the live streaming of his game play. Nischay also makes some funny videos like roasting someone or like giving funny reactions on the movies and songs on you tube. Nischay Malhan got featured in a reality show which was aired on Amazon Mini TV. In this show a lot of young creators came and then they complete the tasks which are given by the show and compete the other contestants. So in this show he was not a player or contestant but he was the judge in that show.

    Net Worth: Nischay Malhan

    Nischay has lot of great income sources. So he makes a good amount o0f money thorugh his you tube channels. Nischay also do endorsement and paid partnerships. So it is more than enough for making good amount of money. According to the reports his total net worth is around $2 million.

    Nischay Malhan
    Nischay Malhan

    Social Media: Nischay Malhan

    You all guys can follow your favourite you tuber on instagram as well. For that here is the link


    Lastly, we want to say that Nischay is a great human being as well. He was the only one from the community of You Tube who supported his brother alone. Nobody came to vote and to cheer his brother Fukraa. Nischay also completed his studies with the great dedication and he is a very talented and a skilled guy.


    • Nischay is also known as Triggered Insaan
    • He is the brand Ambassador of Team Vitality India
    • His favourite actor is Hrithik Roshan
    • Nischay’s favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo
    • His favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli
    • The favourite film of Nischay is Munna Bhai M.B.B.S
    • Nischay owns a Jaguar F Pace
    • He was also awarded with the award of Roast Master Creator of the year in the year 2023




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