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Nikki Catsouras Accident: Incident of Viral Photographs of Accident

    Many of you heard about Nikki Catsouras and many of you have not heard about her. So there is a story about Nikki and this article will share you about the incident in detail. The topic for today is Nikki Catsouras Accident. Nikki dies at a very young age. She was just 18 years old when she left for the eternal journey. Nikki was born on 4th March 1988 in United Sates of America. Nikki died in a severe car accident. She collided with a toll booth. Nikki was driving her father’s car. The name of the car was Porsche 911 Carrera.

    It was a very horrible accident that can ever happen to somebody. Now the next thing happened in this incident was that the photos of her accident got viral. The photos were very scary. Even the photos of Nikki’s dead body were also shared. This all led her parents to take a legal action against these photos and the person who uploaded. A lot to know about this incident as it became a controversy after the accident. Detailing of this incident and everything related to this accident and the incident is explained below.

    Details of the Accident: Nikki Catsouras Accident

    It was the day of Tuesday. Nikki was driving her father’s Porsche. She was chasing a car named Honda Civic. Nikki was driving very fast that day. The speed of her car is more than 150 KMPH. The time was 01:38 noon. Her car got uncontrolled and collided with the toll booth. Fortunately, her car crashed with the booth which was empty. There was nobody inside that toll booth. If somebody was present, there then for sure he could have died that day. Nikki died on the spot as it was a very major accident. Then in the post-mortem report it was found that Nikki had consumed the cocaine. The traces of cocaine were found in her body. She was not drunk but she was high on cocaine. It was 241 Toll Road in Lake Forest but for Nikki it was a death road that day.

    Photograph Incident: Nikki Catsouras Accident

    After this accident took place. The person from California Highway Patrol arrived at the moment. After seeing the body, the officers from the patrolling team denied to show the body to the parents even for the identification. The reason behind it was the condition of the body. Officers saw the body was badly damaged that the parents and the family members can not bear that pain in that situation. After that the patrolling officers took the photographs as it was under the protocol for the further use. Keeping the photos with them was totally legal and under the protocol but the two of them shared the pictures and it got viral. The name of the two officers from the patrolling team who took the pictures were Aaron Reich and Thomas O’Donnell. Both of them were investigated and got questioned by the authorities.

    Thomas said that he only shared the pictures to his personal email. He also stated that he shared for the further reference and so that he can watch it later for the better perspective and better understanding. On the other hand, Aaron accepted that he shared the pictures to four more people. After that the photos were shared further and got viral on the social media. It was also uploaded on the social media.

    The parents of the Nikki even got the pictures on their email from some anonymous emails. Subjects and heading were like Hey Dad I am still alive and some more headings which were really disturbing for the parents of Nikki. Then the parents of Nikki thought that their younger daughter should not face any kind of harassment in her school. So they decided to start her home schooling. Moreover, they also stopped using internet for some time.

    Legal Action: Nikki Catsouras Accident

    After the photos got viral the parents of Nikki took a legal action against the officers. In the court judge told that it is not allowed to share the pictures of some case or of any family lie this. So he suspended Thomas for 25 days and he did not get any pay for those 25 days. On the other hand, the another officer Aaron quit the job very soon. Then for the further judgement the judge closed the case by saying that it was not the whole CHP department so the case on them is baseless. Second thing was that the both the officers got the punishment and they both quit the job it was almost enough for the incident.

    Moreover, the court decided to send a cease and desist notice to the website for the removal of the phots. After that the Catsouras family hired a person for the removal of the photos. The photos were removed from more than 2000 photos. At last it told to them that removing it completely from the internet is not possible. Then with the time the things got sorted and normalised.

    Nikki Catsouras Accident
    Nikki Catsouras Accident


    Lastly, we want to say that this accident was something bad happened to the catsouras family. After accident the viral pictures and the disturbing emails were very hard to bear as a parent. Time is the biggest healer and with the time this matter also got closed.

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