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Mythpat: Mithilesh Patnakar

    You tubers are so much famous these days. This is all because of you tube and the skills the youtubers delivered on the platform YouTube. One of the youtuber is Mythpat. Mithilesh Patnakar is the real name of Mythpat. Mythpat runs a you tube channel on which he does the live streaming of gameplay like gta and pubg. He puts a lot of effort in his gaming by the mods and different tricks and techniques. Mythpat started his you tube channel on 29th July 2018. He didn a lot of hard work. This person also created memes. His memes are also famous and he got the recognition because of his gameplay and content creation. Mythpat is a very talented person as he is also a voice artist based in Mumbai. Mithilesh loves playing video games from his childhood. Let’s explore more about him.

    Physical Stats

    It has been seen that his physical appearance is very huge so let’s have a look on that. Mythpat is 6 feet and 4 inches tall. His eyes are black in colour. The colour of his hair is black.


    Mythpat landed on the earth on 16th January 1998. Mithilesh was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    Academic Career

    Now let’s have a look on his educational background. Mithilesh completed his schooling from the school Balmohan Vidyamandir. This school is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mythpat spent 13 years in this school. Then he completed his higher education from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. This university is also situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He holds the degree of Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Engineering. The time period of his graduation was from 2015 to 2019. That is all about his educational background.


    Mythpat has a very good and happy family. Mithilesh has parents in his family. After researching a lot there is nothing available about his parents much. Mithilesh has a younger sister named Praachi Pisatt. Mithilesh dated Urmila Lawekar. Urmila is also a you tuber. The couple tied the knot on 18th December 2022.


    Mythpat started his YouTube career after his graduation. In 2018 Mithilesh started his you tube channel with the name Mythpat. He had that interest in video games. According to the reports it has been found that Mythpat was a shy kid in his childhood. Still the main connection of mythpat was with video games. He used to entertain himself through the video games. The first ever video on his you tube was sacred game season 2 leaked. In the initial phase of his you tube career his video concepts were based on the games of GTA and PUBG. These two games have a huge fan following among the people of India especially.

    He also made some mimicry videos as well. His content creation is different as he uploads the video of video games. Mithilesh uploads videos of video games and the various types of techniques and tricks to play that game. Along with that he also put the mode version of games to play it easily and with extra features. The first time he revealed his face on YouTube was on 16th November 2019. Along with the videos he also makes The Mythpat Podcast and this podcast is available on Spotify. Mythpat has 2.4 million subscribers on You Tube.

    Net Worth

    Mythpat urf Mithilesh earns good mount of income through his youtube and his podcasts. Apart from this he also earns from his social media. His income is increasing gradually. So according to the reports he earns around $136.5k per month. His total net worth falls around $1.6 million.


    Social Media

    Mythpat is a social media influencer. So he is so famous on his social media and has a lot of followers and subscribers on social media. You guys can follow mythpat on his social media accounts through the links given below:





    Laslty, we want to say that he is a great content creator who show case his talent on the you tube and social media platforms. Along with all these things he does not only focus on the gaming videos but also make some funny content. Even in the games he gives a funny sound and sometime he mimics the Bollywood celebs. So all these things make this man different. For a social media award he got nominated twice and he is the only one in the India to get nominated twice.  He also does collaboration with other great influencers on youtube. If you guys are not aware of him then go and binge watch this man as he is a great content writer. We hope you found this article informative.


    • His zodiac sign is Capricorn
    • Mythpat famous food is Pav Bhaji
    • He loves playing cricket
    • Rohit Sharma is the favourite cricketer of Mythpat
    • He owns Royal Enfield 350
    • Royal Enfield Himalayan is his another bike
    • Mithilesh also owns a car which is Volkswagen Ameo





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