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My Bharat Portal: A Great Initiative for Youth of India

    Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a lot of policies and portals for the citizens of India. Every of them has different benefits. We should be thankful to god that we are having such a Prime Minister who thinks about the citizens of his country on a huge note. So this topic I also going to revolve around one of his portal and that is my bharat portal.

    This portal is a very special platform and youth can have a lot of benefits through this. As you all know that skill enhancement is a very big and necessary part of the life. Moreover, skills are not just learning a lot of books and theory but it is something which focus on a particular thing that in which the student or the trainee will become very good or perfect. The quality of the skill will totally depend on the students focus and capability. If you have not heard about it and if you want to know about this portal in detail then be with the article till the end.

    About My Bharat Portal

    MY Bharat Portal is also known as Mera Yuva Bharat. Through this platform the students can get the benefits of learning new and various things. This way the digital media can be beneficial for the students. On this portal a student can learn a lot of things as it comprises of various programs which connects the students with the portal and the studies which are being provided by the government on this portal.

    Students can get the opportunity to become a part of the event which will be available on this portal or they can also learn some skills and they can also get the resources for the studies which they feel they are lacking. As the the lack of resources is also a big reason behind many students not getting a proper education which they deserve. The students will feel so good at this place as this will also take care of the different cultural activities which keeps a student active.

    Characteristics: My Bharat Portal

    This platform has some very notable characteristics. So lets have a look on them

    First of all the concept of this portal  which has been shared by the government of India is quite unique. It means that they are providing physical activities through this digital portal. So this is a perfect use of digital media. If students are registering themselves to this platform then they are most welcome to have the physical activities and the cultural events along with the other educational and skill enhancement services it provides.

    Then the next thing which makes an online portal, platform, application, or any website is the interface of it. You all have heard about the word user friendly but the interface of this portal is so smooth and well designed that it is not user friendly but it is user family. The users will not face any kind of issue while registering and the the registration process is also very time saving. After that the resources and every service which this portal provide is way more easier to use than anything else.

    It has connected a huge number of youth with themselves and training them in different aspects in which thy want. So the youth of the country is getting trained and skilled so this is a good sign for the nation. If the youth will be capable of doing great things and activities then the growth of the country will be unstoppable.

    So these are the characteristics on which the government have focused and made this portal a very successful portal of the government. This portal was came into effect on 31st October 2023. Within just 5 months of its launch more than 20 million students has joined this portal which is a very huge number and also unbelievable.

    Sort of Skills on My Bharat Portal

    Leadership Development


    Experimental Learning

    Personalized Learning

    How to Register on My Bharat Portal

    Initially the student needs to visit the official website of this portal which is

    After visiting the website the user will the option on the screen which is register as yuva

    You just need to click on that and after clicking just enter the required details in the columns

    After submitting the details you will be registered. No extra effort just like making an account on social media application.

    My Bharat Portal
    My Bharat Portal


    Lastly, we will say that this is a great initiative by the our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has introduced such a great opportunity for the youth of the nation. This will help a lot of underprivileged youth who wants to get the education or to learn the skills but they are not able to do that for various reasons. So if you find this portal beneficial then what are you waiting for just visit the website and enjoy the benefits of the portal.

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