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    File sharing and storing things is one of the concern in today’s time. It is a fact that all the smartphone is giving a good storage. With the increasing storage of the phone the quality of the data is also increased. There is a risk always that the data stored in the phones can lost in some cases. So the most convenient and the safe way to store and share the data is iCloud. So today’s topic is also is the platform of iCloud. On this platform the user can store and share the files easily and fast. Just create an account and then whenever the user wants to download that file can login into that account of website and can download the file in any of the device anywhere. So this makes the file sharing activity so simple. Let’s explore more about it

    Prologue: is a premium and great platform to store the files on the iCloud and share it as well. The easiest way to share file is If an user wants to share the file then they just need log in into the account of After that they just need to download the stored file. User should have a good internet connection and that is something which everybody has in today’s time. Files can be the PDF, images, videos, or audios. Anything can be stored and shared on this platform. So from now onwards after reading this article the user will feel free and easy to share and store the digital content which are mentioned above. Now let’s move ahead in this article with the key features of

    Features of

    Feasibility: In the aspects of sharing files and storing the files. This platform is the most reliable and easiest way to do that. No matter whether the file is an image, video, document, or an mp3. Anything can be saved and download within fraction of seconds.

    Speed: If the stability and the speed of the internet connection is good then the file can be easily shared, stored, and download instantly. A very high speed internet is also not mandatory for this platform. The only thing is that the speed of the internet should be stable and can be normal which an user uses for other work as well on the daily basis.

    Plans: This platform is good and free to some extent. Whenever a person starts using this platform then they will get the option to use the free version of this platform and then there is another plan which is paid and not free. The difference between these plans is the storage size. In the paid plan the size of the storage is more than the free version. If the user does not want much extra storage, then they can opt for free version. Now if the user needs some extra storage then they can surely opt for the paid version.

    Safe and Secure: This platform is totally safe and secure for the storage of data. The platform keep this thing assured that no data should be leaked without the permission of the user. The data transfer can only be done when the user log in into his or her account and download the data by themselves. Otherwise there is no chance of getting that stored data.

    Account Creation

    To use this platform, the user needs to create an account for sure. Without making an account the user can not get the access to this platform.

    So what the user needs to do in the initial phase is that the user needs to go to the trusted browser they use

    After that they should visit the website of this platform through entering in the search bar

    Then when it will be searched then just open the website and the use will see that there is an option to create an account or to log in into the old account if the user have

    The user needs to enter the details which is asked by the platform while the time of creating an account

    After that the account creation will be done. Now the user is ready to go

    File Transfer

    This iCloud platform is the easiest way to share the files. The user will see an option where they can get a link and not an old link but a new link. User needs to share that link to the other person with whom they want to share the file and then the process of sharing is done.


    Lastly, we want to say that this platform can be used by all the people. As it shares all the files very easily and store them as well. Downloading file is also so easy on this platform. There is a limit of download which is allowed in a day. If the user is a premium user than they can download as much as he or she wants. So all the content which is required and vital has been explained in this article.



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