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    ,Tecchnology has developed a lot. Everything is possible through technology. No matter whatever it is. Now businesses work well but they get that hassle in keeping and storing all their data in the excel sheet and other Ms office software’s. With the time the technology upgrade so it made the things easier as compare to the technology of few years back. As now all the data can be stored easily. This help the companies to track their business, data growth, and very single details in a single place. So one of the website is business intelligence. This is a great business intelligence technology. This portal helps everything about the company their statistics and their data which need to be maintained. So that everything can be tracked and should be maintained easily. Analysing the status of business became a way more easier through this platform.

    About business intelligence business intelligence is a great platform which is a lot more helpful than any portal or website. This does not store the data like the other websites. The only thing you need to do on this platform is that you just have to enter the data whatever you think is important about your company. After that rest of the work it will do by its own. It will convert all the data in a very organised manner that you can’t deny using this platform. This platform converts all the data either into graphical form, tabular form, or different methods which can used to make the data presentable and feasible to watch and use.

    You all have heard about the Artificial Intelligence. This platform also works the same way. It is also a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The user can just copy paste the data and then also it will convert everything in the form you want. This will help the companies for the future aspects. Moreover, they can keep a great eye on their business stats and can track their business growth status easily. Through all the data it provides it will also highlight the profit and loss and also that where the loss has been made and how things can be changed.

    Key Features of business intelligence

    This platform provides all the data in a very organised manner. It combines all the things together and also compare the things externally so that it can tell the status of the business and the data according to the market as well. Also the people who are running the same business and the product value on what they are working. It analyse everything from everywhere which is needed and then provides the detail about the data and the status of the business.

    This platform provides the data in various forms in which it is required or the person who is using this platform can choose the format for the data. The data can be presented in the tabular method, graphical method, pie charts, and other various methods. It helps the company to save their time and get all the data at one place in an organised manner.

    Along with the data it also provides the suggestions and the loopholes which are restricting the company’s growth. It highlights the things which are needed and also mention the reason of the highlight. So it not only helps as a data maintainer but also works as a guide.

    It also maintains the dashboards for all the data. Dashboard makes the circumstances more easier than anything. Dashboard is the easier way of navigating any of the data easily. Every section can be tracked easily by a one single click with the help of dashboard.

    Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence is as same as Artificial Intelligence. However, business Intelligence is a new technology in the market which helps the companies to grow their business in a more good manner. It saves the time and the effort of the company and get to the point with all the key points mentioning along with the data storage and data maintaining. Many of the companies are shifting to the Business Intelligence. Soon it will be almost in all the companies for the better use. It can also give the outlook of the business and can compare all the things according to their data analyst and many more things.


    Lastly, we want to say that along with the bigger companies if somebody who have opened a new start up will be able to get a good help form the stats this provides. It gives them a professional exposure to the people and help them in growing further in their business. If you are looking something which can guide with the perspective of business and can help you then this is the best platform which can help you with the best possible outcome.














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