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Jacresults Com: Online Website for Checking Results

    This article will revolve around an educational website. The name of that website is jacresults com. This website is one of the very important part of Jharkhand educational system. In Jacresults JAC stands for Jharkhand Academic Council. This council conducts the exams of class 9th, 10th, 11th and class 12th. On this website students of the mentioned classes can check their results. This platform helps in various factors like results and some other information related to the education of class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th. Let’s have a deep look into this platform.

    Prologue: Jacresults Com

    The Jharkhand Academic Council is one of the very best part of Jharkhand education system. It helps in organising the exams of Intermediate and Secondary classes. Moreover, It also organises the exams of Madrasa education. This council makes sure that the transparency of the results and the transparency of the exams. So that the parents and students can believe on this system. It helps them to grow. Not only madrasa but along with that it also organises the exams of Sanskrit schools. That is why this council runs their own website so that the results can be fare and no fraud should happen.

    Procedure of Checking Results: 

    • There are two ways through which the students can check their results. One is Online method and second one is SMS method
    • Results through Text Messages: Jacresults Com
    • If the students want to check their results through text messages, then the procedure is very simple.
    • First of all, the students need to send a text message on the number 5676750.
    • Secondly the user needs to enter the details
    • Details will be: JHA and the number of the class with JHA should be mentioned
    • Secondly the roll number in the same message and then the user will get their result in the text message


    Online Method: Jacresults Com

    • The online method is also very easy and feasible. There is nothing like rocket science
    • Initially the student needs to open the trusted browser in their device
    • After that they need to enter jacresults com in the search bar
    • Once it is done then they will be redirected to the official website
    • Then on the official website the student needs to select their class
    • Once the student will select their class then they will be asked to enter the details. The details will be the roll code and the roll number which students already have
    • After entering all the details, the students need to click on the tab submit
    • Then the result will be displayed on the screen

    For further use students can easily downloads the result and can also get a printout of it

    Grading System: Jacresults Com

    • The students those who score 80 percent and above will get A+
    • Then the students those who score between 60 percent and 80 percent then the student will get A grade
    • If the student will score between 45 percent to 60 percent, then it will be considered under B grade
    • Now those who score 33 percent to 45 percent they will come under C grade
    • Last but not least students those who scores below 33 percent will be get D grade


    Districts with Best Passing Percentage: 

    • The district Latehar pass percentage is 93.23 percent
    • The district Hazaribagh pass percentage is 93 percent
    • The district Jamshedpur pass percentage is the highest which is 94 percent
    • Top 3 Scorer of Class 10th 2024
    • Jyotsana Jyoti secured the 1st rank with 496 marks out of 500
    • The second rank secured by Sana Sanjuri. She scored total 493 marks out of 500
    • Then for the third rank it was a tie. Karishma Kumari and Sristi Somya scored 492 marks out of 500 to secure the third rank.


    Class 10th Result Overview Through Jacresults com

    The result of class 10th of 2024 are out. According to the research total 4 lakhs 18 thousand and 623 students appeared in the exam. Total 3 lakhs 78 thousand 398 students got passed. The total pass percentage is 90.39 percent. Those who wants to check their results or do have any kind of work with this website then they can visit this website through the link:


    Lastly, we want to say that this website helps the education system of higher classes in Jharkhand without any scam and fraud. Then the another thing is that along with the classes of school it also conducts the exams of the religious institutes like madrasa. Not only this this council helps in conducting exams for Sanskrit schools as well. This website makes things easier for the students with the use of digital media. The feasibility of checking the results for higher classes has become way more easy than anything else. Biggest thing of this website is that nobody can do fraud and the transparency is highly prioritized. The aim of this website is to make the process result checking feasible and students can get all the related information easily without any miss out.

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