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Ironhill Bengaluru Menu In Detail

    Are you looking to through a party but stuck due to limited knowledge of restaurants? Well, if that is the case then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk over the Ironhill Bengaluru Menu. We will cover each and everything related to this restaurant. So, what more do you need? Dangle up with this article to get the reality check. Stay connected with this article! Roll yourself into it and continue reading.

    About Ironhill Bengaluru

    Ironhill Bengaluru is the largest microbrewery in the world, boasting an area of two acres. Further, the restaurant is well known for its spacious size. Plus, the restaurant is applauded for its taste and preference. Presently, Ironhill has outlets in Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Hyderabad. Certainly, the restaurant is all to encourage the customers by bringing in the real craft experience of beer. Along with an extensive menu of culinary for instance, local favourites, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, street food, and much more. Furthermore, the Koli chips are one of the utmost exclusive aids on the menu.

    After that, the décor is minimalistic keeping in mind the soberness. The grey colour is counterbalanced with wooden fixing and furniture. Along with a huge metal frame sculpture of men. In addition, the outdoor area is intended like a resort. Beside with an artificial water bodies. Just like an island of romantic dates and greenery. They converted 3 story buildings into the largest brewery in Bangalore.

    Additionally, Ironhill microbrewery is spread across 130000 square feet. With a sitting capacity of more than 1550 people. Moreover, they serve eight kinds of beer with an alcohol level of 4-7 per cent which costs around 260-300 rupees for a 500ml mug. They offer a unique brand experience by providing open spaces with vibrant lighting. The open spaces are designed by keeping in mind the health and safety regulations.

    Beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks all around the world. Therefore, they are produced by brewing and fragmentation of starches. However, mostly produced from cereal grains and usually malted barley. Not only these but also from wheat, corn wheat and rice.

    Opening hours of Ironhill Bengaluru Menu

    Friday               12 pm–1 am

    Saturday            12 pm–1 am

    Sunday              12 pm–1 am

    Monday             12 pm–1 am

    Tuesday             12 pm–1 am

    Wednesday      12 pm–1 am

    Thursday           12 pm–1 am


    The restaurant is designed with a minimalistic design along with grey colour which matches with warm wood and furniture. Moreover, designed like a resort with an artificial swimming pool. Without a doubt, it provides a feeling of a romantic date with your loved ones. Plus, there are lot of greenery that promotes the eco-friendly environment and the slogan of Go Green. Indeed, the interiors are quite attractive and alluring. People who want to visit this restaurant can take several pictures to boost their social media presence.

    After a busy and hectic schedule, people love to out with their family, friends, and loved ones. Thus, in any pub or lounge, usually are not spacious, do not get spaces apart from our table to do so. For this reason, this restaurant has emerged with an alluring well well-designed outdoor space. Further, it hosts an open screening, bar counter seating, walk over bridge. These are designed near a water body. However, the main attraction of this restaurant is in the night nearby water body. People can dip their feet and enjoy their drinks. The foot-over bridge has project glass flooring.

    Ironhill Bengaluru Menu

    The culinary food is no less remarkable. The menu is designed to counterpart the brews. The taste also amuses the taste buds with each bite. The menu of culinary is extensive such as Pizza, Burger, Street Food, Pasta, Sandwiches and many more.

    Menu Name    Per Person

    Without alcohol  Rs.900

    With Alcohol   Rs.2000

    Cuisines Served

    North Indian




    Fast Food




    Other Facilities

    Alcohol: Yes

    Rooftop: No

    Outdoor Seating: Yes

    Live Music: Yes

    Live Sports: Yes

    Full Bar: Yes

    Smoking Area: Yes

    Clean Parking: Yes

    Craft Beer Selections Crafted with Natural Ingredients

    The restaurant has a diverse array of craft beers. From the old classics such as Ironhill lager, wheat, and stout to the more adventurous Ironhill IPA, Belgian wheat, and red ale. There is something for everyone’s tastes. Plus, they offer offers and surprises on a daily and monthly basis respectively. Certainly, the beer is made up of high-quality ingredients, sourced from all around the world. To provide precise and quality taste.

    Ironhill Bengaluru Menu
    Ironhill Bengaluru Menu

    Final phrases

    In brief, we have talked about the Ironhill Bengaluru Menu in detail. So, if you are into beer or culinary, this restaurant has something for everyone. If you want our opinion then it’s just about the brew, it’s about the vibes you get here. Along with an extraordinary taste and the connection with taste buds. Further, the restaurant is quite spacious as well as eye catchy interiors. However, if you are looking for an outing with your friends and loved ones, then this restaurant would be great stuff. That’s all to this article. It carries us to the close of this editorial. If you’ve reached this far by reading along and finding information, then let us know with your comments. Toddles!

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