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Insta Millionaire: A Detailed Overview

    Have you ever heard about the famous audio content named ‘Insta Millionaire’? Or do you want to come across and want to know about the man behind it? Further, we will discuss each and everything related to this audio content and alongside learn about the prominent writer behind it. Indeed, we will be going to talk about this audio content which is released in various genres in detail. Hence, if you want to know more about this platform, therefore, connecting with this article is a must to read considering. Let’s start this article ahead and make yourself into it and continue reading.

    Who is the man behind Insta Millionaire?

    Swapnil Jain is a writer who became famous for his audio series named Insta Millionaire aired on Pocket FM. Further, it is a platform that delivers original and exclusive audio content in several genres. In addition, he is also an actor who featured in web series, for instance, Crash Course. Moreover, he hails from the small city of Rajasthan named Bhawani Mandi. Additionally, he has a childhood passion to become a writer and actor. For this reason, he has followed his dream keenly.

    What is an Insta millionaire?

    It is an audio series that turns around the life of a young man named Rishi. Further, he dreams of becoming rich and popular through social media mainly Instagram. For this reason, he created an Instagram account and started posting photos and videos of his lavish life. But he fakes his life with the assistance of his friends. Evidently, later in future, he attracts millions of followers.  Furthermore, he becomes an influencer. However, he faced many difficulties and challenges along with risks besides the approach. For instance, he lost his identity, fell into debt, got blackmailed, and lost his loved ones. Indeed, this series follows the themes of ethics, principles, triumph, and bliss in the world of modernisation.

    What inspired Swapnil Jain to write this series?

    He said that he was inspired by his own life. Moreover, he experienced and observed the cycle of society. Swapnil wanted to convey the message that money and fame are not everything in life. But also one should compromise values and principles for achieving them. In addition, he wanted to reach out to the young generation and deliver to them the pitfalls of social media addiction and dishonesty. Moreover, he also stated that he admired the late actor Irrfan Khan. He said that Irrfan Khan broke the myth that dreams are limited to big cities. Indeed, Irrfan showed that talent and hard work paid back and took you to new heights.

    Impact of the series on audience

    This series has been a big hit among the listeners of Pocket FM. It brings millions of views and positive feedback. Further, this series has been praised for its engaging storyline, realistic characters and relatable dialogues. Plus, this story has also social relevance. Evidently, also appreciated for its audio, sound effects, and music. Moreover, the audience loved this show and expressed that they learnt valuable lessons lessons. They loved the writing of Swapnil Jain. In fact, this series has the same hype that popular TV shows and web shows have. It gets the same level of demand and revenue as any famous show and we got. With the increasing adoption of audio, storytelling has emerged as a mainstream category of entertainment.

    Where does one have to go to listen to this series?

    It is exclusively available on Pocket FM. Further, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In addition, this series has a total of 30 episodes, each episode lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. Users can find it in various languages and can be accessed for free without any ads. Users don’t have to pay any penny to buy a subscription.


    This series elaborates on the captivating story that follows the journey of a young man named Lucky. The story shows that he rags to riches in a thrilling luck game of luck. Regardless of his humble beginnings and struggles, he remains strong and selfless. In addition, he kept his hard work hidden from his girlfriend even when she cheated on him. But things take an unexpected turn when he gets a message on his phone. After receiving a message, he is no longer poor and become a millionaire. There are a total of 900 episodes for this audio series with captivating storytelling.

    Revenue and listening minutes

    This series has already earned a revenue of ₹30 crores. Further, this series has crossed 300 million plays across different languages such as English, Hindi, and Tamil. With over 3.5 billion listening minutes.

    Insta Millionaire
    Insta Millionaire

    Final say!

    Indeed, it is a well-known storytelling series produced by Pocket FM. Evidently, this series has echoed with listeners of several ages. With an overwhelming 80% of listeners falling between the ages of 18-35. Moreover, this series is turning out to be a foremost source of entertainment. In brief, we have talked a lot in this article and transports us to the end of this article. If you have reached this far by reading along to the point and found informational then let us know with your thoughts. Toddles!

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