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    Entertainment is the most important thing and there are a lot of options to get yourself entertained. One of them is watching movies and web shows. So this article will brief you about HD Today is a platform which provides their users movies and web series for free. There is no charge of it. Unlike other application this application does not charge any kind of subscription fee. The users can watch the latest content on this platform for free. The another thing is that this website service is so good that it gained a lot of users within a very short period of time. Moreover, the user will not face any kind of hassle while using this platform. This platform is very well designed and formed in the manner so that everyone can easily use this platform. Let’s know about the facts, positive factors and negative factors.

    Core Concept:

    The concept of this platform is very simple and that is providing free movies and service to the users. The stock of the content is so huge. The collection of movies and web show is very high that nobody can complete watching them. Moreover, the user will not feel any shortage in the content. This platform works on a regular basis for the content. So the user always gets the latest and the recent content very fast. HD Today website was launched in the year 2015. From there it never looked back. Free and the premium service is the key behind the success of this website. Though it faced some of the legal issues but there are still a lot of ways through which they can access this website.

    Effect on the Makers:

    According to the makers this website and websites and platforms similar to this is a huge drawback for them. As everyone knows that there are a lot of streaming platforms and cinema hall. So whenever the streaming platform comes with a new movies or a web show, so at that time they obviously have that motive of earning through the content. As people subscribe such platforms and moreover ads are also the earning source of such platform. Now the same thing happened with the movie makers in the film industry. So whenever a new movie releases this platform uploads it within 1-2 days on the platform. All these things impacted the movie industry very badly. Their deserving movies are failing to work on that level. The money factor and the movies are not getting hit is the main concern of movie makers and the platform owners.


    As this platform provides pirated content, so it faced some legal issues. Piracy is a crime in the country. It is not allowed. Whosoever is doing piracy or using piracy then it is considered as a legal offence or crime. Same thing happened with this platform. HD Today TV provided a lot of new movies and releases on its platform. So this hampered the makers and the movie platforms. Especially the financial loss was the main concern. As the makers were making movies with a lot of hard work and investment and then they were falling short of success they were looking for. After facing such loss, they decided to file a case against this platform. Then gradually some more concerned people came and file the case against them. Due to the piracy and the copyright issue this website got banned.

    How to Access

    After getting banned in the country this does not mean that this website is not accessible. The domains changes constantly so that there should not any legal conflict or issue. There are a lot of sites form where people can search or get the domain of this website. Those websites are just like mirror websites. Through them the user redirect to the website of HD Today.

    Now another thing is that this website can be easily accessible through VPN. Users can download the VPN form the app store.

    The VPN ensures the safety and the security of the person’s identity as well.

    Through the VPN the user can select the IP address of other country and which will help the user to access this platform easily without any restriction.


    • It provides all the latest movies and web shows on the platform without any subscription charge.
    • The user can use this platform without creating any account
    • In the initial period the account creation was possible but now it is a banned and a restricted app so people can use it without relieving their identity
    • So according to this it is totally safe to binge watch the movies


    • If the user is watching the content, then it is safe for them but downloading is not seeming safe as it provides pirated movies and on such platforms there are a lot of malwares comes with the content. These malwares can harm the device of the user or can hamper their privacy
    • If the user uses this website, then they need to be very careful as it is not allowed. So it can redirect the user to some legal issues.


    Lastly, we want to say that these websites save the money of the user. Moreover, provide all the content what a user look for. Still the activity is illegal so the awareness is very necessary.


    As this platform provides pirated content, so we do not promote such activities. We just wrote an article on this. So use it at your own risk.

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