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Fetlife. Com: Social Media Platform To Find Same Interest Partner

    This article will revolve around the website named Fetlife. Com. Fetlife. Com is a website which works as a social media platform. Like people can find friends and partners on some dating apps and other social media platforms. Similarly, on this website people can easily find a mate or partner for fulfilling the fantasy’s in sex. On this website people can find someone who is interested in doing kinky things or BDSM. This website was introduced to the people on 3rd January 2008. John Kopanas was person behind this website.

    He founded this website. The word fetlife has a meaning and it is made from 2 different words. One is fet which means fetish and the other one is life. So the meaning is a fetish life. Moreover, there is an interesting story and some interesting facts and features about it. So to know that move ahead with rest of the article.

    Overview: Fetlife. Com

    Fetlife. Com is a website where people can reach out to the people those who are interested in wild sex. As it is not always possible that the person will get the partner with same kind of sexual interests and fantasies. People even liked it as there are 10 million users of this website. According to the research around 50 million media files have been shared till date on this platform.

    Procedure: Fetlife. Com

    The user can easily access it as it is very easy to use. Moreover, if the user ever used any dating website then easily he can access this website. Steps to access this platform are given below:

    • In the initial phase the user needs to open the web browser and then enter the in the search bar
    • After that the user will be redirected to the official website
    • There on the website the user will be asked to sign up
    • The user needs to click on that option to sign up
    • After clicking on sign up the user will be redirected to the next page
    • On the next page the user will see that there will be some blank boxes in which user needs to enter some details
    • Details will be like the name of the user, gender, preference, category of their sex interest, and many more things
    • Once these details will be filled then after that the user will see some drop downs to select some more option
    • After that the process will be completed and the person will become a registered user if this website

    Motive Behind Fetlife.Com

    So this website was founded but John Kopanas. John founded this website as he was not getting a women who was having the same sexual interest and fantasies. John was a software engineer in Montreal, Quebec. In starting phase John first invented and launched the website named Friendewithfetish. Moreover, this came in the year 2007. Then he started working on the enhanced version of this website and then he decided to introduce that platform as fetlife. The headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Controversy: Fetlife. Com

    This platform involved in some of the controversies. There is a form on which the user needs to sign and agree those terms and conditions. That form was intodyces because people can use and can commit crime through the pictures. Even many of such groups has been found on this platform which they deleted. Even some of such cases have been heard related to this. Moreover, a murderer also joined this platform for some of the points like kidnapping and related things.


    • People can find the person for sex according to their desire and fantasies
    • It is totally free and every user can get the mate according to their preference


    • There are some security issues to use this platform. Fraud and criminals can join this platform and can easily ask for the photos and can also commit some crime after meeting
    • Vulgarity is also increasing on this platform as a lot nudity is going on openly. It impacts the youth in the wrong way

    Legalities: Fetlife. Com

    As it is also mentioned above that it was into some of the controversies. So it is all because of the wrong people on the platform. Groups with some weird names were created on this platform. After asking the photos things like sharing photos and videos became a curse as they got blackmailed. Moreover, they got slammed for censorship by an organization.

    Fetlife. Com
    Fetlife. Com


    Lastly, we want to say that this site can give you a person who can fulfill your pleasure but this can also lead you to some danger situations. So use it very carefully. Do not share photos and videos without the full research of the person.


    As this website promotes sexuality and nudity. So we do not promote such websites. We just wrote an article on this. So use it at your own risk.


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