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Durable AI: AI Platform for Website Creation

    Artificial Intelligence is the new upgrade in the technology. It makes things easier and feasible. Almost everything can be done within the fraction of seconds and without any hassle. If somebody wants to create a presentation write an article converting data into the graphs and pie charts. Then these all can be done within seconds or few minutes. Instead of various software people are learning AI nowadays. So Artificial Intelligence is also used in website making. Now creating a website is a big task. Enter codes and then set them properly to create a website. Several errors will also occur in the coding while creating the website. Not anymore, the Durable AI is the one which eases the work of website creation. Within few minutes it creates a well-designed website with great graphics and user friendly interface.

    Whenever a website is created then at that time a lot of things needs to be mentioned in the website. So there is nothing which this Durable AI miss out. It covers everything and then you do not need to contact any website developer. So let’s explore about the tools and the features of Durable AI through this article. So that you can grab all the benefits of this website.

    Overview of Durable AI

    Durable AI is a great website developer with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It seems like there is nothing left in this world which is impossible for the Artificial Intelligence. No matter how big or small company it is. This platform will serve the very best website for the business. The only thing the user needs to do on this platform us that they need to enter all the proper details about the design and everything what they want in their website. This is the only effort the user needs to put while using this platform to create a website. It is very obvious thing that a normal person can easily create a website through this Artificial Intelligence platform without the help of a website developer. It always keeps an eye on the website and the upgrade the website asks for according to the time.

    Moreover, it also gives everything in the website. Like if the website is related to some customer service then it will also provide a bot who can communicate with the customers for their solution. If the situation is extreme, then it will itself transfer it the human. Even if the website faces something which restrict the website to work properly then it will look into the website and the errors and fix properly. This platform is a time efficient platform and also the fees of the website developer will also be saved. So this platform has a lot of benefits. Then let’s have a look on the benefits of this platform particularly.

    Benefits of Durable AI

    One of the greatest benefit of this platform is that the website it will create will be the best and the user will not face any kind of issue in that. The website will give the feel that it has been created by an expert of website creation.

    As it keeps an eagle eye on the functioning and the coding of the website. So due to this feature of this the website errors are the rare and it saves the website from getting crashed. Like in many cases due to various reasons like more traffic or some problem in coding can restrict the website to work properly. But not on the website created by the Durable AI.

    It saves the time of the users and also saves the expense of the website developer. People can use this platform for free but in some cases there are also possibilities like if the demand of the website will be high and premium then it can ask for a subscription. Now instead of this platform if the user will contact to a website creator then it will cost him or her more than this. Moreover, the developer will take some good time to create the website but not on this platform. As it is mentioned above that this platform creates the website within few minutes so it will save a lot of time for the user. The business of yours will be in front of the world and you can get to the work more rapidly.

    Price Tags of Durable AI

    The pricing of this platform varies according to the services it provides. There are various services in the terms of the numbers and according to how big the business is. So let’s have a look on the price tags.

    In the first case there is no fees charged in this platform and that is totally free. In this scheme there will be one business, a subdomain, includes 3 pages, and with that 5 CRM contracts and email support as well.

    Then the second pricing list in which it is not free starts from $15 and it is known as the starter pack. Under this package the user will get it for one business, custom domain, and ten pages. Along with this you won’t believe that in this scheme it provides 50 CRM’S. Moreover, the priority email support is also available in this scheme.

    The next one is known as Business pack which costs $25 to the user. In this scheme it provides one business, custom domain, and hundred pages. The number of CRM’S is 1000 in this scheme.

    Last one is Mogul which cost $95 to the user. In this scheme it provides 5 businesses. Then 5 custom domains. There is no limit in the pages. Along with the pages there will be no limit in the CRM as well.

    Durable AI
    Durable AI


    Lastly, we want to say that this is the best AI platform which can be used by anyone. Especially those who are running a business or started a new start up. There is nothing illegal in this platform. So it is the best use of the AI. So if you are looking for a website creator then here is your solution.

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