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DOPBNK Full From And Services In Detail

    Do you know what DOPBNK means? Have you ever received a message that is the same as a bank transaction through the sender’s name? Have you ever wondered what is this code name about? Do you want to know why these SMS will come to your mobile phone? Well, if so then this article would be helpful for you in understanding this message. In this article, we are going to discuss each and everything about this topic. Further, are you in a dilemma as does whether it belongs to any authorized agency or fraud? No worries! We will cover all your queries and will try to solve them and try to elaborate as much as we can. Therefore, reading this article till the end is worth considering. Hence, stay connected with us! let’s begin this article ahead!

    What is DOPBNK?

    The full form of DOPBNK is “Department of Post Bank.” Further, it is a legal message sent by the Department of Post Bank, run by the Indian Government’s Department of Postal Services. In fact, it is also known as the Indian Post Payment Bank (IPBB). Evidently, it is the services delivered by the Department of Post Bank. Indeed, an initiative by the Indian Government to offer banking services throughout the country. However, especially in the field of traditional banks, they are not certainly reachable. Additionally, they aim to make available appropriate banking services over local post office branches. After that, they run numerous account types, for instance, savings, fixed deposits, and recurring deposits. In addition, it delivers services such as internet banking, mobile banking, ATM services, and loan facilities.

    Nowadays, there are numerous fraud cases due to the advancement of technology. Plus, fraudsters and scammers use the online system and SMS to reach their bulls. Actually, a simple message appeared on the mobile phone, Email ID, and social platforms. For this reason, the messages alert money transactions or activities on the bank account. Significantly, messages help in tracking bank account details and avoid fraud cases.

    What is DOPBNK SMS?

    The DOPBNK is a prominent SMS on many people’s mobile phones in India. When you make any transaction in your post office savings bank account or India Post payment bank account. Further, they send a legal validation SMS to the registered mobile number. Actually, these messages confirm your transactions and deliver information about your account balance. Evidently, the SMS might have different IDs such as

    ID-DOPBNK: Idea Delhi Department of Post Bank

    VK-DOPBNK: Vodafone Karnataka Department of Post Bank

    IM-DOPBNK: Idea Maharashtra Department of Post Bank

    JD-DOPBNK: Jio Delhi Department of Post Bank

    AD-DOPBNK: Airtel Delhi Department of Post Bank

    Understanding the legality and fraudulence

    The full form reclines in the department of Post bank that gives the facts that this belongs to the government. After that, is not fraud because it comes under the “Ministry of Communications” and falls under the Indian government. Furthermore, it indicates that the message is not for fraud purposes. Plus, from a legal and legitimate organisation. Once you have done your transactions with the bank such as deposit, withdraw, pay bills, transfer money and much more. They send a confirmation message to your registered mobile number. Thereafter, they deliver a confirmation message for each transaction done in your post office account and India Post payment bank account.

    Why the short message service (SMS)?

    The government of India run the Indian Post Payments Bank (IPBB). It was introduced in 2017 under the post department. Moreover, with the 100% equity of this bank. The Indian post office department held its steps toward an effective and new limit offering bank serving.

    Services provided by the DOP bank

    National Savings Recurring Deposit Account

    Post Office savings account

    National saving time deposit account

    Public provident fund account

    Senior citizens’ saving scheme account

    Direct Benefit transfers


    Social Welfare benefits and other government subsidies


    Third-Party Products




    Post office saving schemes

    How to check the DOPBNK account balance?

    If you want to check your India Post Payments bank account balance linked to a DOPBNK SMS. Then you have to follow some steps for easiness.

    The first option is to call the customer care number which is +91 89396 58163 or +91 89396 58172.

    After that, the second option is to give a missed call to 8424046556 from your registered mobile number.

    Also check by IPPS mobile app, download it from the app store and play store. Simply log in and check it.

    Visit the home post office that is nearby, and inquire directly at your home branch.


    Final say!

    In brief, we have talked about the DOPBNK from SMS services to legalities and fraudulence. Indeed, it positions for the department of Post Bank and states to banking report from India Post. After that, the SMS message is completely genuine and assists citizens to stay updated on account movement from their post office account along with IPPB services. Certainly, you can rest assured that messages from senders such as ID-DOPBNK and VD-DOPBNK are fully secured and reliable.

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