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Copyleaks AI: AI Detector

    Artificial Intelligence is helping everyone in almost every aspect. But the fact is if something is beneficial then obviously it will have some cons. A lot of people started using AI tools in their professional works which is not allowed. These activities can also lead companies to face losses. AI is also getting used by a lot of peoples in content writings. So every problem comes with a solution. So the topic for today is relatable to this i.e. copyleaks ai. This platform provides great service to check the purity of the content or you can say articles. It checks the content in all the aspects whether the content is plagiarised or if the content is written with the help of an AI tool. The uses, features and other more information about copyleaks ai has been described in this article.

    What is Copyleaks AI

    Copyleaks AI is a platform which detect all the faults in a content. This helps a lot to check the quality of a content. It gives the green flag to the content if everything is alright but if there is something wrong which can put the website or the company into a trouble then this platform will surely suggest the writer about it. Even if somebody is writing a content by using para phrasing tools or AI tools knowingly then also it will detect these things. So there is no point of doing such things. It ensures the purity of the content.

    It gives the judgement on the article whether it is fresh or not. This platform highlights the sentences and the lines where it detects any of artificial intelligence. From there you can make changes. As it is not necessary that the fault only occurs when it has been done deliberately but there are possibilities that these factors can occur in a content which has been written truly by a writer without using any tool. The reason is that the language of writing can be same sometime. Coincidence can be happening anywhere.

    How to access Copyleaks AI

    In beginning the user just need to type Copyleaks AI on any of the browser they use constantly

    Secondly the user need to open the website which will be popped up after searching it on the browser. Then the user needs to login into the platform through their mail id.

    After that the interface you will see once the website will open is very easy to use

    No experience needed to surf it as it is more than easy to use

    You will see a spot where the user needs to enter the content which they want to verify

    After putting the content in that given blank place just start the process by clicking on the tab given there

    Then within fraction of minutes it will provide the results on the screen.

    From those results if it is alright then it will indicate you but if there is some fault then there will the highlights to those sentences or the words in which it finds the fault.

    Characteristics of Copyleaks AI

    Through this platform a user can check their content for the final verification and along with that the company higher authorities can also check the AI content and the para phrased content or if any other AI tool is used in the content by the writers of their company. The result or the outcome after the verification will come in a proper format and in a very organised manner. This report can be easily shared to others so that it can show to the required persons that it has been verified and the content is not original.

    Plans: Copyleaks AI

    Copyleaks AI gives some free uses. After that at an extent it asks for the subscription and the prices are affordable. This little investment can save the companies from the bigger loss. Companies can face copyright issues or their content will not get that expected reach which leads to a low traffic on the content and then it will not rank. Due to this there will be no benefit of that content. So let’s go through the pricing of this platform

    There are different prices for different aspects. So the prices are given below according to the sections

    If somebody wants to subscribe for the Plagiarism, then it will cost them $10.99 per month for 100 uses. The yearly plan will be for 1200 uses which costs the user $9.17 per month

    Now let’s have a look on the Artificial Intelligence Detection plan. Foe 100 uses the price will be $9.99 per month. The yearly plan for 1200 uses will charge the user $8.33 per month

    Now there is a combo plan in this. It will be $16.99 per month for 1200 credits. The yearly price will be $14.17 per month for 1200 uses.

    Copyleaks AI
    Copyleaks AI


    Lastly, we want to say that this platform is a boon to the companies based on the content writing. Anybody who is looking for the perfection and the purity in the work of their employees then they can opt it for their professional use. So that’s all for today about this great and helpful platform. Now it’s up to you whether you want to use it or not.








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