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Blooket Dashboard: Educational Games Platform

    The technology has taken over many things and made things more feasible. So how this technology become this much advanced. It is all because of the developers and science. So it means education is the key. Thus technology now can be used to enhance the teaching and learning methods. So that everyone can get the good education without any problem. In this article we will talk about Blooket Dashboard. Blooket Dashboard is the platform which has some innovated ways of education. Now playing and studying together is fun. That’s what this platform based on. On this platform there are various users for various purposes. Some users creates the educational games. Some of them plays educational games on this platform and so on. This platform is totally fun and a very good step in the sector of education. Let’s explore more about this.

    Overview: Blooket Dashboard

    The Blooket Dashboard is a centre or a platform where people can play games based on education and create such games as well. Moreover, this platform is very well designed that every single user can access this platform without any problem. Everything is more than simple on this platform. It is because if the interface will be hard then it can bother many users those who are not so much into technology things. Even the age is also not a barrier. Anybody means anybody can access this platform.

    How to Register: Blooket Dashboard

    • The user needs to open the preferred and the safe browser
    • After that the user needs to search Blooket in the search bar
    • Once the user will complete the above two steps then they will see the results of their search
    • Among those results the user needs to click on the right one and that is most probably comes up on the top every time
    • Once the user will open it then they will redirected to the first page of the platform
    • On that page the user needs to enter the required details and then they will get the login credentials and they too will also be created by the user itself as they do it on the social media platforms

    How to Use: Blooket Dashboard

    • To use this platform the user needs to sign up first by the steps given above in the last section
    • Then whenever the user will enter this website they need to log in into the platform with the login credentials
    • Once they will login they will see the user friendly interface of the platform
    • Then they will see the dashboard of the platform
    • The dashboard is the most important feature as it makes every platform and its interface very smooth and easy to access
    • On that dashboard the user will get the options and then they can select whatever they want
    • Out of all those options they can choose for the one they wants to. Moreover, the user can also apply the filter of the categories so that they can get the games of that specific field which the user is looking for
    • Under the dashboard the user will see the option of creating the game and when the user will click on it the platform itself provides all the things what is required for making the educational game
    • Then comes the teachers. So the teachers can make groups and classes on this platform
    • Then the teachers can also assign the game to the groups or to the whole class
    • The scores of the students calculated the score of teachers as well. So it is as simple as that.

    Benefits: Blooket Dashboard

    This platform is very beneficial to all the students. As teaching style is very old fashioned nowadays. Things become bore to all the students and the teachers as well. Another thing is that the student will get engaged to the game more and more . It will allow the students to study with more enthusiasm. The engagement of the students has increased gradually with the help of this platform. Everyone should be informed about this platform properly. Even the creation is also the option which allow the users to create something according to their idea. There is no hesitation the platform is yours. So go and explore it.

    Blooket Dashboard
    Blooket Dashboard


    Lastly, we want to say that this kind of innovations are necessary. As this is the best way to use the technology. The game creation and the game play can be educational. What is more jaw dropping than this. Everyone should think about this. Blooket Dashboard should  spread everywhere for the welfare of the students, creators and the teachers as well. This game will be very helpful for all the students in coming time. This is a big thing in the field of education. Hope you find this article informative. Stay connected for such more articles. Till then stay safe and stay healthy


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