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Bianca Censori: Wife of Kanye West

    All the celebrities are well known because of their work or because of their fashion. So this article will revolve around bianca censori. Bianca Censori is a famous personality form America. She is an architect. Moreover, she also runs a lot of businesses. She is connected to the audience. She has gain a lot of Fame through her work. Nowadays there are rumours that she is wife of Kanye West. Not only this she is earning a great amount of money as she handles a lot of thing together.

    As it is mentioned that she is an architect so due to her fabulous work she has been appointed as the head of architecture in a company. Bianca Censori was born on 15th June 1985. Her birth place is from Italy. Along with all the businesses she is also an actress. She owns a company name Nylons Jewellery. They are a lot of things about her to know. So for getting all those information let’s go through this article.

    Physical Stats

    As being an actress physical attributes are very necessary to her. Let’s have a look on her physical stats. Bianca Censori beautiful and an attractive personality. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. She is a healthy 60 kg woman. Her natural hair colour is black. Now a day she is a blonde but they are not natural. Her eye colour is black. Now let’s move towards her body measurements. Bra size is 34 inches. She has a very sharp waist of 27 inches. Last but not the least from her body measurements that are hip size is 38 inches. Her shoe size is 8. She has a good fan following and all of her fans loves to see her sizzling photos as she also loss to flaunt her physical attributes. That’s all about her physical appearance let’s move ahead in this article.

    Academic Life

    Education is unnecessary part of everyone’s life. So now we are going to put spotlight on academic career of her. Bianca Censori has completed her schooling from the school Carey Baptist Grammar School. Then for her higher education she took the admission in the University of Melbourne. She completed her higher education in bachelor of architecture. She didn’t stop here. Bianca Censori was good in her field and wanted to pursue the masters in architecture. She completed her Masters from the same University that is the University of Melbourne. This shows how talented and skilful woman she is. This shows that always give priority to your education.

    Family and Relationship of Bianca Censori

    Families always important in everybody’s life. So let’s give importance to the family of her in this article. After a deep research we got to know that Bianca shares about her work and involve the media and her life about her work. Apart from that she always keeps her life private. That’s why that’s no information available about her parents. She has never revealed name of her family members. Still got the name of her sister. The name of her sister is Angelina Censori.

    Now let’s have look on her relationship. According to the reports it is found that Bianca is married to Kanye West. Kanye west and Bianca has been captured together several times. The wedding ring has also been captured in the fingers. Kanye West as an American rapper and also the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian. That is not confirmed by either of them but it is believed that the both are married and they got married in 2023. Fans and media feels that both will announce about their relation and wedding soon. This is all about her family and her affair.

    Professional Career: Bianca Censori

    Bianca Censori is a great and talented woman. So she has a very great and Bright Career. Bianca owns the company named Nylons Jewellery. She worked at DP Toscano Architects for the job so that she can learn and gain some skills and experience about the architecture. Bianca Censori has now become the head of architecture in a great and successful company. She is also a great actress and model. So if we see at her career then she is doing extremely great in her life.

    Net Worth: Bianca Censori

    Bianca has multiple source of income. So she has a great net worth. According to the research she has a net worth of $2 million. This is a whopping amount and jaw dropping as well for a normal person. She is a successful woman.

    Bianca Censori
    Bianca Censori

    Social Media

    You can follow her on her social media accounts.

    Instagram –

    LinkedIn –


    Lastly, we want to say that she is a great actress and model. Along with that she is also an architect. She is a successful woman. She is a perfect example of how a person should manage everything in their life.


    • Bianca is a non vegetarian
    • She follows Christianity
    • Travelling is her favourite hobby
    • She uploaded pictures on social media with Kanye West
    • Bianca recently spotted in Los Angeles with Kanye
    • She also loves swimming and book reading
    • She has turned herself into a blonde


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