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Aviva Bidapa: Great Model and Fashion Designer

    Fashion Industry is the one of the biggest industry. A lot of fashion designers are there who are well known and made an impact in the industry with their work. One of them is Aviva Bidapa. Aviva Bidapa is a great fashion designer. Along with the fashion designer she is also a model and an advocate. Aviva was born on 11th October 1991 in Bangalore. She became a well known figure in the fashion indsurty when she turned 32. Aviva is a great businesswoman as well. She all got this from her family. Fashio Designing is in her genetics. It is because she is the daughter Prasad Bidapa. Prasad Bidapa is also a well known fashion designer. It has been seen that the people of this family are multi talented. So does his father as along with the stylist his father is also a choreographer.

    Physical Stats: Aviva Bidapa

    As she is a model and a stylist so it is an obvious thing that her physical attributes are good. So let’s have a look on that. Aviva stands at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. She weighs around 60 kg. She has attractive black eyes. The colour of her hair is black. Now let’s have a look on her body measurements. Aviva bra size is 36. She has fine and attractive waist of 28 inches. Her hip size is 36 inches. She loves having tattoo so she has some of them on her body. So that’s all about her physical features.

    Academic Career: Aviva Bidapa

    Being a successful woman in her career she has also completed her studies and she is a well educated woman. Aviva completed her schooling from Mallya Aditi International School. Then for her further studies she went to London. There she joined London Academy of Music and Dramatic Act. This shows that she was interested in the art from her younger days. So that’s all about her education.

    Family and Relations: Aviva Bidapa

    Aviva is a great and successful woman but she also got the benefit of taking birth in a good family. Her father is Prasad Bidapa. He is a great name in the fashion industry and moreover, he is also a choreographer. Aviva’s mother name is Judith Bidapa. Her mother is also a well known person. Adam Bidapa also has a brother named Adam Bidapa. Adam is the younger brother of Aviva. This all about her family. Now let’s move towards her relations and affairs.

    Aviva dated the well known actor Abhishek Ambareesh and after some time they both got engaged on 11th December 2022. In the very next year they both got married on 5th June 2023. That’s all about her family and affairs. Now let’s have a look on her professional career.

    Professional Career: Aviva Bidapa

    Aviva Bidapa is a successful business woman. As it is mentioned above that all of them in her family are multi talented. So they don’t stick to one profession. Aviva is also a model. Along with that she started a brand which provides swimwear products to the people. The name of her company is Aviva swimwear. Moreover, she also does endorsements through her social media as she is a famous personality. She is always active on her social media. In her starting phase of her career she joined the company of her father Prasad Bidapa as a Director. Still she is a director in the company of her father. Now if we go more into her past then she also done the event management. That’s all about her professional career.

    Net Worth: Aviva Bidapa

    Aviva do not earn form a single profession. As it is already mentioned above that she has various businesses and she earns well form all of them. As being a great fashion designer and stylist she charges a good amount for that. Along with that she also earns from her modelling profession. Her social media is also a great source of income for her. After that she also earns form her brand of swimwear named Aviva Swimwear. Along with all her business she also works as a director in the company of her father. So all these professions and businesses helps her to accumulate and generate a good amount of income from it. This takes her net worth to the next level. According to the reports her total net worth falls around RS.20 crores.

    Aviva Bidapa
    Aviva Bidapa

    Social Media: Aviva Bidapa

    You guys can follow her on Instagram. She is an active social media user. So the link is given below:


    Laslty, we want to say that she is a great personality and enhanced her skills well. That’s why it helped her a lot in growing well in her career. Though she took birth in a great family even then she worked on her skills and her personality and what all she has is what all she deserves.


    • It is said that she dated Siddhant Chaturvedi
    • Her Zodiac Sign is Virgo
    • Aviva follows Hinduism
    • She loves to visit hilly areas
    • Aviva has a pet cat
    • She loves animal a lot
    • Aviva has 145k followers on her Instagram
    • She has posted 139 posts on her Instagram




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