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Atm.moniepoint: Banking Services on Smartphone

    Nowadays things become easier because of the technology and digitalization. Everything can be accomplished through the smartphone. This is all because of the portals, websites and the application. The most hectic thing is documentation and especially when it is related to the banking. Getting cards, tracking all the transactions, and a lot more services which a bank provides. So this article will revolve around one of such platform which makes things easier and feasible to all the users. The name of the platform is Atm.moniepoint. This platform has upgraded recently. This platform has been launched by a Nigerian company. The concept of this company is based on financial technologies. It means it makes thing easier through technology so that people can complete their banking works. Moreover, it saves the users from the hassle of going to the bank and wait in the queue.

    About Atm.moniepoint

    This platform is a great [platform which provide the feasibility to the users in the sector of banking. This does not create any hassle in any of the service. Atm.moniepoint is the upgraded name of this platform. Before that the name of this platform was Now the change is that on this platform the user can issue their debit card and can get it. The digital cards will also be available on this platform. Not only debit cards but along with that the person can also issue their credit card and the business card is also available on this platform.

    Features of Atm.moniepoint

    There are a lot of services this platform provides in the sector of banking. So let’s have a look on the features of this platform

    Updating Pin: On this platform you can change or update the pin of this platform and the pin of your cards as well. Just do remember one thing that this is a personal information which can lead you to a great loss. So for that keep it confidential always.

    Amount Extraction: The balance you can check on this platform and can verify that then user just need to visit the nearby Automated Teller Machines and can take out from there.

    Amount Verification: The user can easily track their total amount on this platform. Whenever they want to check the balance they can check it and there is no limit on it.

    Procedure: Atm.moniepoint

    Now lest see how does it work? Using this platform is way more easier than using the other websites or to complete such activities of the bank in the bank.

    Initial Step: In beginning the user needs to visit the website through the trusted browser they use and then after visiting it move towards the next step

    Middle Phase: Now once the user visited the website. Then they just need to open it and enter the number and the number should be active. Then the user will receive a One Time Password on their number. Just enter that One Time Password into the required blank spot and then it will redirect you to another page

    Final Phase: In the final step the user will be on the platform where everything is on the display and as it is the starting phase for the user so at that time the user will be guided by the platform to use the website or the platform properly. The user will see the interface which is very user friendly. This website is more than easy to use as it is mentioned above. On that page it will guide you for everything which you will try for the first time and then you will understand within one go everything.

    Convenience of Atm.moniepoint Platform

    On this platform the feasibility is the major key of loving this platform. So the one of the main thing is that user can check their account through this platform anywhere through their smartphone or the laptop. User just need a stable and a good connectivity network. This will help the user to stop worrying about the time to go to a bank. As it can be an issue of the time match when the user wants to do something in their account but at that time the bank is not open or it closed.

    The another thing is that if the person is an agent in this company then they can easily proceed the procedure of fulfilling the services of their customers on this platform. Last but not least that what every person looks when they are talking about the banking facilities. At that time, they obviously look out for something that can keep their details safe so that they can save themselves form some fraud or loss. So this platform has a very good security for all the details and services they provide. So this platform is wonderful to use and reliable as well.



    Laslty, we want to say that this the best use of technology. This makes banking easier and everybody can get the benefits of the banking sector. Otherwise just because of the hassle of going to the banks which are far away from some of the people’s residence the people use to ignore it. Not everyone but some of them are there who used to face this issue. Not only for them those who are working and do not have the time to go to the bank but they want some important work done then through the help of this platform it is all in their hand.




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