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Anil Singhvi Early Life And Education

    Have you watched the famous Share Bazaar live show daily telecasted in Zee Business? Well If yes then in this article, we are going to talk about well-known anchor Anil Singhvi hosts the business-related stuff. Further, we will discuss each and everything related to his life, for instance, early life to his salary. If you are a fan of him, then reading this article till the end is worth reading. So what more do you need? Dangle with this article! let’s embark on the journey with this article, let’s roll into.

    Who is Anil Singhvi?

    He is a well-known Indian journalist who works in business-related kinds of stuff. Further, he was born on 2nd June 1970 in a Jain family. As of writing it makes him 54 years old. His roots are in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. After that, he hails from Chittogarh, Rajasthan, India. Currently, he is the managing director of Zee Business, a topmost news channel in the country in Hindi Language. Further, he is famous for his anchoring style. In Zee’s business, he hosts the show by the name of Share Bazaar in the morning at the time of the opening of the market every day.  Along with that, he also handles many talk shows with the top management of numerous companies. Furthermore, he is also part of a media house that is CNBC Awaaz.

    Early life and family: Anil Singhvi

    He was born into a middle-class family. Further, he belongs to the Jain caste. However, we don’t have any information about his parents, he hasn’t been released yet. Also, we searched a lot on the internet about him but no information was found. While we were surfing on the internet we found information about his wife and son. He is married to Nirmala Singhvi. They have been in love since long. After that, they both had two children named Aryan and Manthan.

    He began his career after finishing his graduation. In 2004, he was hired as an executive editor at CNBC Awaaz. He worked there for four years. After some time, he left CNBC and Joined Zee Business TV. Later, he became the managing director. As of 2024, he is currently working on Zee.

    Institutional investor Advisory services: Anil Singhvi

    It is an Indian proxy firm that delivers numerous voting references on shareholder resolve of Indian listed companies. They mainly analyse shareholder determinations to be addressed at AGMs, EGMs, Postal Ballots, and court-convened meetings. Further, nearly all companies are listed on the BSE and NSE of India. Furthermore, it was founded by Anil Singhvi and Amit Tandon. He is a well-known financial expert in Indian markets and presently runs his own firm named ICAN Investors. Formerly, Amit Tandon was the CEO of Fitch Ratings in India.

    Anil Singhvi salary

    However, we don’t have any exact figure of the salary of Anil. But as per the estimate, it may be near 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs per month. It is somewhere around 2-3 crore nearly. The net worth stands out nearly 40-50 crores.

    Education of Anil Singhvi

    He has completed his schooling at a local private school and primarily from Ashram Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai. After his schooling, he completed his graduation in the field of commerce from MLS University of Udaipur City of Rajasthan. Thereafter that, he pursued his dreams in finances and joined the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. After completing his studies, he showed interest in finance journalism and wants to become an anchor in the business world.

    Name Anil Singhvi
    Profession Managing Editor in Zee Business
    Monthly Salary (approx.) 20 Lakh
    Yearly income (approx.) 3-4 Crores
    Net Worth (approx.) 40-50 crores

    Physical appearance

    He stands out as 5 feet 6 inches tall. Moreover, his weight is somewhere around 70 kg. Additionally, he has black hair colour along with brown eye colour. Further, he has a Taurus zodiac sign.

    Details Statistics
    Real name Anil Singhvi
    Date of birth 2 June 1970
    Age 54 years
    Homeland Chittorgarh Rajasthan India
    Religion Hindu (Jain Family)
    Nationality Indian
    Profession Journalist

    Social media accounts

    Instagram 336K followers

    Twitter 784.5K followers

    Anil Singhvi
    Anil Singhvi

    Final say

    In brief, we have chatted a lot about Anil Singhvi from his early life to his salary. He has been a great personality in the journalism Industry. Further, he is a famous Indian journalist who deals in business-related stuff. That brings us to the end of this article. if you have derived this far by reading this piece till this argument and discovered informational then let us know with your comments. Toddles!


    He is a journalist, news anchor, and managing director at Zee Business.

    For his hard work, he received many awards such as the Con of Business Journalism Award in 2019 and the Best Hindi moderator in 2017.

    He joined the media industry in the post of Executive Editor at CNBC from 2004-2008.

    Anil is very active and great social media presence.

    He was born in the family of Jain in the state of Rajasthan.

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