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24/7 AI: Platform Which Provides Customer Service to the Companies

    Technology is doing wonders in today’s time. Feasibility of doing anything has become a lot more than before. The latest and the powerful update of technology is artificial intelligence. This technology is helping all the companies and the individuals to accomplish a lot of their work without any effort. So the topic of today’s article is 24/7 ai. This is a proper and a legal company which deals with a lot of companies to fulfil their task for the customer service. A lot of other platforms are there those who provides the similar kind of services but the thing is that there are various kind of difficulties companies face. In this platform there is nothing like as the company needs to deal with them to get their services.

    Prologue: 24/7 AI

    This platform provides high quality work and trustable tools. With the updated technology it gives the best customer service tool through the help of artificial intelligence. This company was founded in the year 2020 and the month was April. The name of the founder of this company is P.V. Kannan Shanmugam Nagarajan. Headquarter of this company is located in San Jose, California. According to the recent and the latest report the total number of employees are more than 15000. It is an obvious thing that 24 years ago there was no artificial intelligence so at that time this company used to do the business according to the latest technology. Let’s dig deeper about the services and the vital details about this company through the rest of the article.

    Deals and Funding: 24/7 AI

    If we talk about the deals and the collaboration, then this company did it wonderfully. It was the year of 2003 when Michael Moritz provided the funds to this company. According to the reports $22 million funds were provided to this company by Michael Moritz. After funding in the year 2003 the company started earning profit by the ned of the year. This made them a very trustworthy and reliable company. It attracted the eyes and the attention of the investors and the big companies. Microsoft made a deal with this company and invested a good amount of money in this company. The company Microsoft did not only invest in this company as an investor but become the partners and got some shares of this company.

    Moreover, they also provided around 500 employees to this company.  After that this company got the investments and the funds through the great companies. After that they upgraded their services with the latest technologies and then they also added the chat version with all the tracked data in their services. They also changed the logo of their company as the concept and the theme of the company got changed or we can say upgraded.

    Attainments: 24/7 AI

    2015: Campanja, a Search Engine bidding platform

    2014: IntelliResponse, a provider of digital self-service technology, including virtual agent solutions

    2013: Shopalize, social commerce firm

    2012: Voxify, call centre automation developer

    Delta Airlines Case

    Few years back the company got into some legal troubles due to the complaint from one of their client and from one of their user. There was a company named Delta Airlines. Delta filed a complaint against this company. The complaint was about the data leak. According to the company of Delta they made the allegations that around 600 customer’s credit card data were leaked and stolen due to the 24/7 ai.

    According to the research it is found that the company was not working on the data security properly. With a single credential several employees were able to log in into the platform. Due to which anybody can get the access of the confidential data of the customers. That is why they made the allegations against this company. Along with that they also stated that this company did not even inform them about this. Almost after half year they informed them about the security details.

    Privacy Breach of the Employees: 24/7 AI

    The other argument was that the employees made the allegation against this company that they were capturing the activities of the employees those who were not working from the company. All the employees those who were working from some other pace or form their home they were getting monitored through the technology by using the web cam of the device in which the employees were working. Then after this asked to stop monitoring them as it hampers their privacy.

    24/7 AI
    24/7 AI

    Theme and the Concept

    This company provides the customer service to the great companies. A lot of them are doing the great work in their customer service according to the customer reviews and it is all because of 24/7 ai. This platform deals in all the sector whether it healthcare, credit card, hotels, online shopping, insurance, and banking as well. They do not have a lot of offices but they have some of them in California and in London and in Sydney. They are growing themselves with the great speed.


    Lastly, we want to say that this company made their name big in the industry. It is all because of their constant updates with the technology and their services without the drawbacks. Many of the companies are looking towards them to make deal for handling their customer service task in the best way. As this company provides a very premium service through their updated technology working with the help of artificial intelligence. The companies are very big those who are dealing with them. In coming few years, it will become one of the biggest customer service company. Their graph is showing a tremendous growth and rest we all will witness their growth in the coming years.

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