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    Can you survive a day without your phone? Leave a day, a moment without your phone is hard to spend, that’s how important a phone is to every user. Apart from the basic uses, mobile phones give you the wonderful freedom to use various applications. The purpose and function of this application also differ. Have you ever wondered about the security of these applications? How can you ensure application security? What can you incorporate for this?

    In the times when mobile phones are an unavoidable factor in our lives, the security it offers is also a case of concern. Hence, in this article, we will look at a few tips and tricks to boost your mobile’s security. 

    An app cleanse!

    Cleaning all sorts of baggage is always good. Are you one of those people who look up to New Year’s to take up such challenges? Then it’s time for you to add this detox to your checklist. Just like you cleanse everything around you, a digital detox is also the need of the hour. A single scroll can take you through all the unused, unnecessary, and old apps on your device. A smaller digital footprint is always a plus. 

    Cleansing an app also includes necessary updates. Updating your applications whenever needed is an important step. Constant updates and testing are important for apps to run smoothly. You can always depend upon the Google Play services security provider for this.

    A secure and safe communication

    Preventing unauthorized access and protecting sensitive data is extremely important. For this enforcing proper and secure communication stands crucial. This also ensures encrypted and authenticated transfer of data and files from app to app. This can also prevent the risk of data breaches, thereby maintaining user privacy. 

    But what are some ways to ensure this? You can always seek the help of an app chooser, as it helps you to choose the app you are looking for from a list of trusted apps. This ensures a trusted communication. Another way is to make sure that only necessary access is provided. You don’t need to share all your details while installing an app or creating an account. It is obvious for them to ask for a username, password, or your name. but that’s it. Options like addresses can be left untouched. Remember, optional fields are better left untouched. They’re kept optional for a reason. 

    Passwords needn’t always be “passwords”

    We all know the most common passwords everybody uses. Make sure whenever you create a new account, to use unique passwords. Unique and not obvious. Most of you tend to use the same password for multiple accounts. This might help you with remembering it, but it also helps the hacker to get access to any other account where you have used the same password. Hence, every account needs a different password. 

    The SSL Certificate

    Even though SSL certificates are known to secure websites, they also have a major role to play in securing mobile applications. Payment gateways are common targets of hackers. SSL certificates can be used to protect that.


    With the advancement of technology, you can always find multiple ways to ensure your security. All that we have discussed above is part of a heads up and it has few out of the many things you can do to ensure proper security. During this time, when hackers surround us, it is extremely important to ensure mobile application security. Because once hacked, things can be difficult to restore. Hence, whenever something is added, lock it with security. Let the personal stay personal!