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States’ Startup Ranking 2020


The first two versions of the States’ Startup Ranking Framework were effective in revealing the breadth and extent of state-led activities and encouraging reciprocal learning among ecosystem members.

The 2019 Startup Ranking Framework was developed in response to key insights from the previous edition as well as numerous best practises discovered.

Startup ranking
Startup ranking

States’ Startup Ranking Framework 2020 is an advanced evaluation tool designed at bolstering State and UT support for holistically building their startup ecosystems. The Startup Ranking Framework 2020 was created as a more rigorous and outcome-oriented exercise with the goal of achieving large-scale progress throughout all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This year’s Ranking structure is distinguished by the fact that categories are created based on the population of states. The goal of categorisation is to:

  • Ensure that the evaluation process is consistent and fair.
  • Ensure that all states/UTs are on an equal footing.

Furthermore, new reform areas have been discovered as a result of past editions’ learnings, and they are focused at capacity building, linking mentors to companies, and supporting overall entrepreneurial growth.

Institutional Support, Fostering Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Access to Market, Incubation Support, Funding Support, Mentorship Support, and Capacity Building of Enablers are among the seven reform areas covered by the 2020 Ranking Framework.

A total of 26 Action Points are mapped to get at a comprehensive view of the State/support UT’s for their respective startup ecosystem, using a combination of absolute, relative, and feedback-based grading.

During the States’ Startup Ranking Exercise 2020, DPIIT will run a statewide Capacity Development Program with the purpose of increasing awareness of the Indian startup ecosystem among key authorities and other stakeholders.

In order to help develop a strong national startup ecosystem, these seminars will showcase best practises from throughout the country on a number of issues. The Startup Ranking Framework 2020 will be discussed at these sessions.

In addition, panels made up of independent specialists from the startup ecosystem are created to ensure a fair and honest assessment (both private and government stakeholders covered).


States’ Startup Ranking
States’ Startup Ranking

All 26 Action Points in the framework need the submission of a supporting document (s). Eight of the 26 Action Points rely on beneficiary input. The 2020 Ranking Exercise score criteria have been rigorously constructed and emphasise four unique techniques.


The States’ Startup Ranking aims to identify best practises, improve mutual learning, increase the capacity of key players throughout the Indian startup scene, and encourage States to advance ecosystems within their domains.